BEGO GmbH & Co. KG

TI-Form CAD/CAM milling blank, PS PMB, Ø 12 S/SC/SCX/RS/RSX/RI 3.25-5.5, 1 unit

Original ceramill® CAD/CAM system partner

TI-Form abutments for BEGO Semados® Implants have been developed for individual, one-piece and location-independent treatment. The TI-Forms with prefabricated implant connectors are compatible with all ceramill® CNC wet units and form the basis for cooperation between AmannGirrbach AG* and BEGO Implant Systems GmbH & Co. KG.

For the parts to always fit properly, the use of original BEGO Implant System products is recommended. Original components can be identified by the BEGO logo found on the hex abutment. Detailed information regarding the processing of TI-Forms is provided after separate direct contact with the client by AmmanGirrbach AG*.

* This symbol is a trade name / registered trademark of a company that does not belong to the BEGO company group. Products marked with a ® are a registered trademark of the respective manufacturers.

  • Category
  • Item number
  • Item name
    PS PMB
  • Product description

    TI-Form CAD/CAM milling blank

  • Presentation
    1 unit
  • Implant Line
    S implants, SC implants, SCX implants, RS implants, RSX implants, RI implants, RI implants with PS design
  • Implant diameter
    3.25, 3.75, 4.1, 4.5, 5.5
  • Diameter
    Ø 12
  • Colorcode
  • Material
    titanium alloy
  • Tools needed
    Hexagon Screwdriver 1.25 mm, Slot screwdriver
  • Delivery

    • Milling blank Ti-Form
    • Prosthesis screw Sub-TecPlus
    • Technician screw Sub-TecPlus

    • AmannGirrbach Intellicode

  • Sterility