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Manual OCP, Manual OCP, 1 unit

One Care Package’ – a new treatment concept

The One Care Package (OCP) treatment concept enables efficient and predictable prosthetic restorations based on the concept of a pack that contains all the necessary prosthetic components needed for an implant treatment. The set approach eliminates several steps from the conventional treatment sequence.

The OCP abutment, which is available in two different gingival heights, is screwed onto the implant once and shapes the tissue during the healing process. The abutment is temporarily provided with a healing cap and this is followed by impression taking with the impression coping and a prefabricated pick-up tray. The impression coping, which can also be used as a CAD Positioner, acts as a bridge to digital CAD/CAM restorations. The datasets can be downloaded in 3shape*, Exocad* formats from

For conventional processing, two burn-out plastic caps (with and without anti-rotation mechanism) are supplied that are used for preparing restorations for crowns and bridges.

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    Manual OCP

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