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Anorganic bone mineral, naturesQue MaxOss P, 0.25 - 1.0 mm, 1 unit/ 1.0 ml

naturesQue MaxOss P

Obtained from porcine cancellous bone, the purified bone matrix has a mineral composition and

structure that very closely resembles that of human bone. naturesQue MaxOss P is made up of

highly porous granules that act as a framework for bone formation.

The properties of naturesQue MaxOss P

Porcine cancellous bone matrix in two convenient forms of administration

• Purified mineral phase of the cancellous bone

• Bone mineral with carbonate apatite supports the activities of cells during bone healing

• Administration in a pot and prefilled syringes for easy and uncomplicated handling

An architectural masterpiece as the model

• Complex trabecular structure made up of narrow bone struts and rods and large-volume open pores with a large internal surface area

• Plenty of space for the migration of osteoblasts, the formation of new blood vessels, and remodeling

• Stable framework for the bone with slow resorption progression

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    naturesQue MaxOss P
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    Anorganic bone mineral

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    1 unit/ 1.0 ml
  • Particle size
    0.25 - 1.0 mm
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