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Microfibrillar collagen dental wound dressing, naturesQue ColAid B, 15 units/ 0.1 g

naturesQue ColAid B

When applied as microfibrils the bovine collagen of naturesQue ColAid B has an extremely diverse range of uses. naturesQue ColAid B has the familiar intrinsic hemostatic properties of collagen and can be used to manage various indications. These include dental wounds and ulcers (not infected) and periodontal, surgical, and traumatic wounds.

The properties of naturesQue ColAid B

Sturcture, design, and stability

• Bovine tissue

• Purified microfibrillar collagen

• Resorption after about 2 weeks

Handling and feel

•Apply dry to the wound bed

•The microfibrils are fluffy when dry and form a highly viscous gel when wetted

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    naturesQue ColAid B
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    Microfibrillar collagen dental wound dressing

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    15 units/ 0.1 g
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