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Collagen Fleece for Dental and Oral Surgery Applications, naturesQue ColAid P, 20 x 20 mm, 10 units

naturesQue ColAid P

The formation of a stable blood clot is important for wound healing. When an open-pored collagen sponge is used, the outstanding hemostatic properties of collagen are at the forefront. Modern collagen sponges act as an initial matrix for tissue healing over the course of healing. The blood clot is stabilized in the defect and the subsequent steps in wound healing can proceed undisturbed.

The properties of naturesQue ColAid P

Structure, design, and stability

• Porcine dermis

• Purified collagen

• resorption after about 2–4 weeks

Handling and feel

• Apply dry to the wound bed

• When dry, the collagen fleece has a stable and porous spongy structure

• Wetted, it forms a pressure-sensitive 3D gel

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    naturesQue ColAid P
  • Product description

    Collagen Fleece for Dental and Oral Surgery Applications

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    10 units
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    20 x 20 mm
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