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Implant, BEGO Semados® implant, Mini 2.9 L11.5, 1 unit


The BEGO Semados® Mini implant is a bone condensing, non-selftapping implant made of commercially pure titanium (Grade 4).

BEGO Semados® Mini implants 2.7-3.1 can be used in combination with a bar joint restoration. At least four implants should be placed in the edentulous lower jaw and between 4 and 6 implants in the upper jaw. In the case of bar restorations, it is recommended to use the 3.1 diameter for the terminal implants.

BEGO Semados® Mini 2.9 and 3.1 can be used in combination with a ball attachment restoration. Here, two implants are to be placed per jaw.

Only BEGO Semados® Mini implants 3.1 are approved for prosthetic treatment with Easy-Con Mini abutments. Use 2-4 implants here.

BEGO Semados® Mini 2.9 and 3.1 implants can be used for restoring narrow gaps in the anterior teeth following loss of upper or lower lateral incisors (12, 22, 32, 42) or lower central incisors (31, 41).

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  • Item name
    BEGO Semados® implant
  • Product description


  • Presentation
    1 unit
  • Implant Line
    Mini implants
  • Implant diameter
  • Length
  • Colorcode
  • Surface


  • Material
    Titanium grade 4
  • Implant form
  • Implantshoulder
  • Tools needed
    Hexagon Screwdriver 1.25 mm, Insertion tool for implants
  • Delivery

    including cover screw and titanium insertion post

  • Sterility