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Bovine Bone Graft Substitute, BEGO OSS, 0.5 - 1.0 mm, 1 unit/ 3.0 ml

Xenogeneic bone graft material - BEGO OSS

A thermal transformation process applied to natural bovine bone material produces the clinically relevant bone graft material BEGO OSS.
Osteoblasts use BEGO OSS as a structured scaffolding for bone regeneration. BEGO OSS is not resorbable and forms a tight osseoceramic interlocking with the newly formed bone that is stable in the long term.

In the high-temperature procedure, organic components are removed to provide the best possible protection against the transmission of diseases and allergic reactions.

Surface topography
The nano-pore surface allows adhesion of proteins. As a result, osteoblasts can form new bone matrix with direct contact with the surface.

The natural bone architectur
The trabecular architecture is preserved and allows the migration of cells and the ingrowth of blood vessels. This allows complete bone fusion with BEGO OSS.

Stable volume
BEGO OSS integrates into the newly formed bone and remains in place as scaffolding.

BEGO OSS is suitable for all established indications in implant dentistry.

Note: Depending on regulatory approvals, under some circumstances not all products in the BEGO Biomaterials Systems will be available worldwide. Please contact your local BEGO Implant Systems sales partner.

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    Bovine Bone Graft Substitute

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    1 unit/ 3.0 ml
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    0.5 - 1.0 mm
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