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Absorbable barrier membrane, BEGO Collagen Membrane, 20 x 30 mm, 1 unit


Xenogeneic collagen is very similar to that of humans and is generally tolerated extremely well. BEGO Collagen Membrane preserves the tear-resistant, stable character of the pericardium. The native collagen and its arrangement give the membrane its sustained barrier function and good tolerability.

The origin and the processing
The choice of pericardium as the tissue of origin means that BEGO Collagen Membrane is derived from an exceptionally well tolerated collagen with very good biomechanical properties. The collagen is naturally closely interconnected without any artificial modification or crosslinking. Cells and extracellular matrix are removed from the pericardium using several cleaning baths and the membrane tissue is lyophilised and sterilised.

Two surface topographies
The smooth side of the BEGO Collagen Membrane forms a protective barrier against the rapidly proliferating soft tissue. The open woven structure of the collagen fibres on the rough side encourages the penetration of the osteoblasts and the growth of blood vessels into the membrane body.

Layer upon layer
The internal multi-layered structure of the BEGO Collagen Membrane is derived from the original natural character of the tissue.

Integration and conversion of the BEGO Collagen Membrane
The structural collagen network is integrated into the tissue and gradually replaced by the body’s own tissue in the natural remodelling process. The barrier function remains intact sufficiently long to ensure adequate bone regeneration.

BEGO Collagen Membrane is suitable for all established indications in implant dentistry.

Note: Depending on regulatory approvals, under some circumstances not all products in the BEGO Biomaterials Systems will be available worldwide. Please contact your local BEGO Implant Systems sales partner.

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    BEGO Collagen Membrane
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    Absorbable barrier membrane

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    1 unit
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    20 x 30 mm
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