BEGO GmbH & Co. KG

Adhesive abutment Platform Switch, PS TiB, GH 0 SC/SCX/RS/RSX/RI* 4.1, 1 unit

Titanium adhesive abutments for *3Shape, *dental wings, *Sirona CEREC/inLab1, exocad

● For use with a BEGO 3Shape dental scanner, an open 3Shape dental scanner from another manufacturer with abutment designer, an open dental wings system, the Sirona CEREC/inLab system or an open exocad system
● For occlusally screw-retained single tooth restorations
● Aligned implant/abutment fit
● Material can be freely selected
● User-friendly

1When using the Cerec® system a Cerec / InLab Scanbody for Bluecam (36 units) REF 6431303 or Scanbody for Omnicam (36 units) REF 6431329 (Sirona Dental Systems GmbH, Bensheim, Germany) is required.

* The following symbols are commercial designations/registered trademarks of companies which are not part of the BEGO company group, with the exception of BEGO Implant Systems.

  • Category
  • Item number
  • Item name
    PS TiB
  • Product description

    Adhesive abutment Platform Switch

  • Presentation
    1 unit
  • Implant Line
    SC implants, SCX implants, RS implants, RSX implants, RI implants with PS design
  • Implant diameter
  • Length
    GH 0
  • Colorcode
  • Material
    Ttitanium alloy
  • Tools needed
    Hexagon Screwdriver 1.25 mm, Slot screwdriver
  • Delivery

    • PS adhesive abutment Hex
    • Sub-TecPlus prosthesis screw
    • Sub-TecPlus technician screw

  • Sterility